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SEO Miami provides SEM / Paid Advertising services to bring traffic to your business, website, e-commerce almost immediately. we analyze your potential keywords and we launch them on Facebook, Google, Bing, Yahoo we place your ads where we think we can get the most traffic at a small cost.

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Paid Advertising Procedure

step 1

Defining campaign strategies and layout

Launching an Ads campaign in Facebook or in Google are different stories the way we need to show our ads depending on the platform and on your product we need to make an small study about how we will get the most out of our campaigns.

step 2

keyword research and selection

Getting the right keywords for your business in the Ad campaign or in SEO is clue for success in getting traffic. Our team will prepare the best group of keywords we need to use in your ads in order to get the most clicks at the lowest price.

step 3

Landing Page Creation

Creating an exclusive landing page(one-page-website) for a higher conversion rate it's essential for turning those visitors into potential clients. We need a clean landing page without any distractions for the visitor that's how we can get the best results.

step 4

Startingthe Ad Campaign

We're ready to go your campaign is launched and we're going to provide you reports every week on how our ads are running in Facebook, Google or whatever platform we're using to place our ads.

What to expect with our

Paid Advertising Service

We know that nowadays ads are highly expensive for every click or conversion. Choosing the right keywords, the right texts, the right platform to expose your ads are clue in order to make your AD Campaign profitable. with SEO Miami you will not have problems after couple test starting to get profitable with your AD Campaigns. let's start today.

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  • More than 5 Years of Experience with SEM
  • Improvement of 200% Traffic Guaranteed! (Every month count, every month growth)

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