PPC Management

There is more than just bidding for keywords when it comes to making a winner PPC campaign. You probably dont have the time to learn all about your keywords research, click-through rates, quality scores, conversion rates, and many many more metrics that are crucial for having success with Google AdWords.

Leave all your Pay per Click activities to an expert.

At SEO-Miami, we know the right way to set up your PPC campaigns for success. Some not so obvious things we can do for your PPC campaign include:

  • Substantially lower your cost per click
  • Raise your Quality Scores
  • Find Keywords Gems that not many people are looking for
  • Bring you searchers that are looking to buy, and not just browsing
  • Write Ad Text that is optimized to generate curiousity
  • Improve your Ad’s click-through rate


Benefits of PPC Advertising

In contrast to SEO, PPC has some clear benefits:

  • Immediate Results: Show on the top immediately
  • Choose how your ad appears and test variations of the ad
  • Know exactly how much you will spend by setting a daily budget
  • Pin-point your customer: Advertise to Selected National or International Markets
  • Learn if the keywords you are targeting are worthwhile without spending more money on SEO
  • You only pay if and when someone clicks on your ad
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