How Long Does It Take to See SEO Results

When you use SEO to increase your ranking, you will need to do research.  Moreover, you need to shell out a bit of money since SEO does not come cheap. However, you will also need tons and tons of patience as seeing SEO results can take quite some time. There is no definite answer to the question how long does it take before you see SEO results.

There are times when you would see results after a month. However, there are times wherein it would take almost a year before you see your site climbing up the ladder. When you fail to see results during the first few months, you should not be discouraged. SEO really does take time. In order to understand why SEO results can take time, we will discuss the timeline of SEO results further in the article below.

How Long Does It Take Before You See SEO Results

It is true that there is no definite answer to this question. Typically, the clients of SEO Miami would normally need three to four months before they see that their website starts ranking with major search engines. Ranking in major search engines is not the only sign that you should look for when you are looking for SEO results. However, SEO results will grow over time.

You may start seeing results within three months, but the results will gradually improve as your page ages. Once you see SEO results, the only way is up. However, you still need to be consistent when it comes to doing SEO because once the SEO stops, the increase in traffic will also slow down.

Why Does It Take Long Before I See SEO Results

Similar to regular marketing, seeing the results of SEO would not happen instantly. Major search engines would need more time before they can analyze your content against your competitors. It will also take some time before Google, Yahoo, or Bing can see the authority that your site has.

This is why it is important to be patient when you are doing SEO. SEO is comparable to a great wine. You need time to ferment it and the desired results will taste even better. This is because it will really take some time before the results become visible.

If you think that creating hundreds of articles at once will take you places, you have to think twice. This is a poor SEO practice that can lead you to be penalized by Google. In addition to this, Google changes its algorithms almost monthly. This is why it is important to do SEO practices that can still produce great results even though there can be changes that will occur.

SEO results can take time, but this can lead to great benefits like more leads and better conversions. The increased organic traffic due to the rise of your ranking will be worth the wait. This is why it is important to be patient since it will take some time before you see SEO results.

Some clients will give up within a month of SEO because they think that the pace is too slow. However, the patient clients have seen the traffic of their site double in just a matter of three months.

Five Factors that Affect Results of SEO

Nowadays, SEO is not just about keywords. If your keyword use is the only basis for your SEO results, everyone can and will do SEO. If you are dealing with an SEO company that would only focus on keywords, it is high time to find another company that will do the work for you. High-quality contents on your page are a major factor that can affect the speed of your SEO results. However, it is not the only determining factor since SEO is a combination of different tactics and practices. We will discuss some of the other factors below:

A. Age of the Domain

Apart from the keywords that should be found on your domain name, Google prioritizes domains that are older. Aged domains will appear to be more legitimate than domains that have just been newly bought. This is why people that are seeking to rank higher on major search engines would choose to buy a domain name.

However, it is important to be cautious of the page that you are planning to buy. First, the domain you should purchase must not have been penalized by Google before the purchase. If the site has been penalized, it will be harder to rank a page in Google if it has a bad track record. If your page is also associated with a business that is from another state, it will take longer to see any SEO results in terms of ranking.

B. Geographical Location

Since most online searches are targeted with local search, it is important to optimize geographical targeting when it comes to keywords. When the keywords that you use are focused on one location, it is easier to rank higher since the users that are looking for a specific service or product in an area will find your page quicker compared to when the keywords that you use are not geotargeted. Another geographical factor that you will need to consider is your IP Host location. When your IP host location and the site of your business is in the same city, it is easier to rank higher in Google.

C. Contents and Keyword

The use of specific keywords may not be the sole factor in determining SEO results. However, it still plays a major role. Creating content for your page may be the longer route, but high-quality contents will ensure you with continuous great results. When the content is well-organized and well written, your page will have a better chance of ranking high since Google analytics can rate your content higher. SEO Content Marketing can be defined in this manner:

To define this concept in a simple way, SEO Content Marketing is to use the contents found on your site to rank higher in search engines. Creating content is not simply putting words on your website. It is important to put value into these words to ensure that your article can rank higher. Increased site traffic should not be your only goal in mind, but you should provide information to your articles that can be useful for the readers.” 

If you want to improve your SEO Content writing, you can refer to this article: Tips for SEO Content Writing 

Another important thing to remember when using content to score higher SEO ranking is to never overuse keywords. As we have stated, overusing keywords is a bad SEO practice that can lead to penalties. It is important that your keywords are naturally placed in your article. The analytics used by major search engines will know if you are forcing the keywords in the article.

D. Competition

While you are doing SEO, your competitors are also doing SEO. This is why it will take longer for you to see results. This is why it is important to put your faith in the right SEO Company since this will set you apart from your competitor.

It is important to pick an SEO company that is grounded in the right SEO practices since they will provide you with an edge over your competition even through the changing principles of search engine algorithms. Since your competitors are also doing SEO, you must work twice as hard to compete with them to have a competitive edge when it comes to your online marketing strategies.

E. Website Design

When doing SEO, it is important to put some thought into the design of your website since it will add to the appeal of your page. When your page looks professional, it can improve the credibility of your page. However, it is not just the physical appearance of the website that should matter.

It is also important to look at the responsiveness of the page. In addition to this, people browse the Internet through their mobile phones or tablets. This is why it is a vital SEO practice to have a responsive page to improve site accessibility, which can lead to better site visibility.

SEO Miami’s Track Record of SEO Results

We understand that some of you are doubtful about the legitimacy of SEO companies. This is why we have decided to show you some of our prized clients as proof that the right SEO companies can take you places. With the right SEO Company, it is easier to see results faster, which can translate to more leads and better income. Here are some of the companies that we have helped in achieving better SEO results:

Asset Column

One of our most ambitious projects is www.assetcolumn.com. Asset Column had one goal in mind: To be Number 1 for Worldwide Keywords. When this idea was pitched to us, it gave us some worries. However, we managed to achieve this difficult feat after two years. Ever since we handled this account, the traffic on our site has grown by five times. Asset Column is now a leading real estate investment company that caters to wholesalers, house flippers, and anyone working in the real estate business.

Main Keywords: Wholesale houses, Wholesale properties, Wholesale Real Estate – Number 1 Nationwide for Google

(Traffic Worth to get the same amount of visitors but paying Google for ads: 8.9k/month)

Water Damage Miami

Since there are several water damage restoration companies in Miami, Water Damage Miami was quite worried that their website would not rank in major search engines. When they approached SEO Miami, they virtually had no idea how to improve their website. After three months of working with us, their page started climbing up the ranks and now, they are the number one search for Google when you key in Water Damage Miami. Water Damage Miami has turned from being clueless on how to do online marketing to a leading online water damage restoration company.

Main Keywords: Water Damage Miami – Number 1 in Google

(Traffic Worth to get the same amount of visitors but paying Google for ads: 3k/month)

Miami House Painters

Service companies usually take longer to rank since there are more service companies on the market. Miami House Painters also had this issue, but they made SEO Miami their marketing agency. This is when their leads started coming in and their income started growing. Their business took a 360-degree turn after we have redone their website and found new keywords for them to help them rank higher in major search engines. After a complete haul on their website and adding in some SEO magic in their site, the performance of Miami House Painters took a complete turn for the better in just over three months.

Main Keywords: Miami House Painting Services, Miami House Painting – Number 1 in Google

(Traffic Worth to get the same amount of visitors but paying Google for ads: 5.9k/month)


One of SEO Miami’s industry specializations is the real estate industry. Another website that we have done online marketing for is needtosellmyhousefast.com. Despite starting with a basic design, this website has continuously grown in just three months. With the right SEO Company, it is easier to rank faster and see results quicker. Even if the real estate industry is competitive, good SEO practice will take your company places. Nowadays, needtosellmyhousefast.com has become the go-to source for people who wish to sell their house immediately.

Main Keywords: Need to sell my house, Sell my house – Number 1 in Google

Traffic Worth to get the same amount of visitors but paying Google for ads: 21.9k/monthIf you wish to see your company rise above the ranks, you can employ the services of SEO Miami for your online marketing strategy. We can help you and your business reach greater heights. You can just give us a call at 786-355-8085 or send us a message and we will get back to you immediately. Just give us three to four months and you will slowly see SEO results.

Improving your business is our business!

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