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SEO Client Case Study: Restoration Company

Water Damage Miami is a restoration company that has everything you need in a restoration company.

They offer 24/7 services to cater to the most immediate concerns. Their workers are licensed and accredited to perform water damage services. Moreover, they equip the most modern equipment for their operations.

However, they have one problem.

They do not have a strong online visibility. Their page ranked several pages lower when compared to competitors in the same industry.

This all changed after they hired SEO Miami, a reliable SEO service company that helped them get to the top of Google’s first page.

Soon, the traffic on their page began to increase. They started converting leads.

All this happened after they have invested their money and trust in this company.

If you feel like this story is a bit familiar, you may want to read more about the story of Water Damage Miami in this article.

Introduction: Looking for an SEO Company

Water Damage Miami has been approached by several SEO companies that offer their services at an incredibly cheap rate. They almost jumped at this opportunity, but upon further research, they have realized that SEO does not come cheap. The cheap SEO companies that they have talked to promises results in just a week. However, they are not able to prove that they can sustain these results.

This is where they began their quest for an SEO company that is not cheap. Instead, they looked for an SEO company that gave the best value for the money.

They have come across SEO Miami a couple of times through their Google search. Soon they realized that if an SEO company can get on top of Google, they might be the right team to help them do the same.

This is when Water Damage Miami picked up the phone and gave us a call.

Initial Meeting

During our initial meeting, we wanted to know what Water Damage Miami wants to achieve. We have discussed the keywords they want to rank for and we have talked about their expectations from use. We also let them know what we expected from them.

Financial Aspect: Budget

Now, since Water Damage Miami knows the value of good SEO companies, they were willing to spend a bit more on our services. They have also provided us with the capacity to create a budget for the other services that they need to achieve this status.

This decision was not a mistake. This allowed Water Damage Miami to reap better benefits in the long run.

At the moment, a competing restoration company in the area will need to spend $17000 to match the same level of traffic that Water Damage Miami has. Moreover, they don’t even need to spend on Google ads as Water Damage Miami has generated this amount of traffic with basic SEO practices.

As a result, the organic traffic of Water Damage Miami is worth more than 10x than what they have originally paid for.

SEO Case study Water damage miami restoration company

Strategic Planning and Presentation

As soon as we have agreed upon the terms of the contract, we got down to business. There were three aspects of the business that we wanted to focus on. These are web design, content, and keyword ranking.

Web Design

The old look of their website was a bit plain. Boring, to say the least.

We knew that the best marketing strategy for any restoration company is in their results.

This is when we decided to ask them for pictures of the work that they have done and added them to the website.

Moreover, there are different services that are being offered by Water Damage Miami. This is why we have made sure to categorize each of them properly on the website for easier navigation by potential clients.

Water Damage Miami emphasized to us that they want to make sure that the needs of their clients are met immediately. This is because the restoration of their home is always a priority for them. The easy navigation of the site is one that we worked on immediately.

With the site’s easy navigation, clients are able to find what they are looking for almost immediately. If they need fire damage restoration, the tab for fire damage restoration can be easily found. We also worked in making sure that clients are able to understand the type of service in each category.

Moreover, we made sure that the website design is professional looking. This has helped them supplement in showing the type of the service that they provide, which is trustworthy and dependable. Since the website design is the visual representation of the company, Water Damage Miami shows clients that they can depend on this restoration company at all times.

We also used fonts that are professional looking. Moreover, we used different font styles to help emphasize the most important part of their website. This has also helped them achieve a lower bounce rate as the readers become invested in what they are reading.

As part of the website redesign, we also made sure that the page is mobile friendly and responsive. In order to reach more clients, it is important that the page is readable via all forms of gadgets. Since more and more people browse the internet using their phone, we wanted to make sure that Water Damage Miami is able to keep up with this development.

Another aspect of the website design that we have targeted is the optimization of the images used on the website. When the images are optimized, it is easier and faster to load the webpage. This has helped the page load faster and the potential clients are able to stay longer on one’s website.

We also made sure that the Call to Action is the most visible. We want the clients of Water Damage Miami to know what to do when they are faced with an emergency. Since people facing a calamity is likely to be anxious, it is important to guide them on what to do and who to call.

The web design determines your business’ first impression. Make it count.


If your web design makes for the first impression of a company, it is the content that leaves you with a lasting impression on your client.

This is the part where you give value to your clients.

What services do you offer? How much are your rates? Why do they need your company? What makes you stand out from your competition? Why should I choose you?

If your content answers all the questions that your customers may be asking, it is highly likely that they will pick up the phone and call you.

The content is the heart of your page. If your content provides value for your customers, there is a greater chance that they would stay on your page.

Let me ask you a question.

Would you prefer having something or someone in your life that is not valuable?

If it were up to me, I would want to deal with a company that provides value for my time and in my life.

In terms of the description of the services that Water Damage Miami offers, we made sure that the descriptions are detailed and customer-oriented. We left the technical terms with the expert. We talked to the client on their level.

Since they will be dealing with clients with extremely urgent needs, it is important to explain what needs to be done in a clear and concise manner. In the restoration industry, the urgency of the solution should always be a priority.

We have also added a blog section for Water Damage Miami that details several tips for their customers. This is part of their value-added services that can help customers see the credibility of the said restoration company.

Moreover, we work on making sure that the on-page SEO is all covered. We work on all the important aspects of content from title tags, internal links, meta descriptions, headings, and even URL structure. Since we have better control over these types of things, we make sure to focus on them to help increase a page’s ranking.

Geographical Targeting

Water Damage Miami made it clear that they wanted to be the number one restoration company in  Miami. This is why we made it a point that our SEO is targeted and geared towards how Water Damage Miami can be number one in the area. We also made sure to target the specific cities located in Miami as part of our geographical targeting program.

Keyword Ranking

In our opinion, the keyword used for ranking is one of the most essential parts of SEO. This is why they made it clear that their goal is to rank number one for the keywords related to the restoration industry that is specific to Miami.

We also helped them rank for related keywords. When it comes to keyword ranking, it is important that the webpage is not just stuffed with keywords. It is important to use more than just the main keyword. This is because the use of related keywords helps in increasing the ranking of the page.

We tried to rank the Water Damage Miami for both the long-tail and short-tail keywords. In addition to this, we did research for the highest ranking keywords that have the lowest competition.

How long did it take before Water Damage Miami see their desired results?

Since Water Damage Miami knows the value of high-quality SEO, they understood that it might take time before they are able to see the results that they were looking for. We explained to them that it may take three to six months before they see results.

Similar to regular marketing, seeing the results of SEO would not happen instantly. Major search engines would need more time before they can analyze your content against your competitors. It will also take some time before Google, Yahoo, or Bing can see the authority that your site has.

If you think that creating hundreds of articles at once will take you places, you have to think twice. This is a poor SEO practice that can lead you to be penalized by Google. In addition to this, Google changes its algorithms almost monthly. This is why it is important to do SEO practices that can still produce great results even though there can be changes that will occur.

Some clients will give up within a month of SEO because they think that the pace is too slow. However, the patient clients have seen the traffic of their site double in just a matter of three months.

Check out this link for more information on why it takes times before you see SEO Results. (

Water Damage Miami: Present SEO State

At the moment, Water Damage Miami is the leading restoration company in Miami.

They rake in traffic that is worth more than what they have initially paid for. Their investment in SEO Miami has multiplied by over ten times what they paid for. In addition to this, their competition needs to spend almost $18,000 in Google ads to reach the same amount of traffic that Water Damage Miami has.

Their online visibility has increased significantly in just a span of six months.  They are now found on Google’s first page.

On top of that, the leads kept on coming in. What was initially an expense, turned out to be the biggest investment for Water Damage Miami.

Their increased online presence has made it easy for their target clients to contact them when they are in need. For us, this is a win-win-win situation. It is beneficial for SEO Miami, Water Damage Miami, and for the clients that they serve.


I am sure you want this success story to be your story, too.

Call SEO Miami at 786-355-8085 or send us an e-mail at [email protected]

We would get back to you immediately and provide you with a free quotation on our services.

We hope to hear from you.

We wish to be your partner on your way to success.

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