How to Make your Content Rank in Google

You now have a well-written content with impeccable grammar, but your content does not seem to rank. This is a common problem that most SEO beginners face. When you are an expert in any subject manner, it is easy to create an informative content. However, an informative content does not always equate to a ranking content. You may now be wondering how to make your content rank in Google.

We used to have the same problem with content and we know that most of you do, too. If you wish to find out how to make your content rank in Google, you can refer to the article below for some tips on how to make your content rank higher.

Create an SEO-Friendly Content

The most important thing to make when you wish to rank in Google is the content. This is because Google has an algorithm that can track the relevance of your content to your niche. When you create content that is SEO-friendly, Google will put a higher priority on your page.

A. Research Related Keywords

Before you get started in creating content, it is important to find profitable keywords. When you have the right keywords, it is easier to rank in your chosen niche. Each niche has a topic that is easy to rank for. However, some keywords are already highly dense, which makes it harder to rank for it.

When choosing a keyword, it is important to find highly profitable keywords that come with a fewer competition. With a low competition and high-profit keyword, it is easier to make your content rank. Your main keyword is not the only keyword search that you should do since there are related keywords that are associated with the main keywords that you have chosen.

This will help you rank higher since related keywords are able to supplement your Google ranking. Moreover, if these keywords are also highly profitable, it can improve your results in major search engines. This is why it is important to research the keywords first before you begin writing your content as this will be able to pave the direction for your article.

B. Create Title, Meta Description, and URL

After setting your main keyword, it is time to put them in your several parts of your article. It is important that your keyword is found in the title as it will serve as your headline. When your keyword is shown in the title, readers will easily know what the article is about and they will assume that the article is relevant to their query.

On the other hand, the meta description acts as a preview of what is in store for the readers. It will serve as the summary of the webpage content. The meta description will also appear on the search page of Google, which is why it is important to pay attention to this portion. This must include the main keyword to emphasize the topic of your content.

Apart from the title and the meta description, you must also put the focus on the URL because it acts as the article’s address. This is why it is very important that the URL contains the main keywords. This is because it will help the page rank higher for Google and other major search engines.

These three parts of your content may seem rather minimal to some, but it is important to pay attention to them. Apart from the body of your article, the title, meta description, and URL are critical in helping your page rank higher.

C. Write Headings with Keywords

Apart from the title, it is also important to pay attention to the headings of each section in your article. Since headings also play a huge part in the calculation of the algorithm used to compute the ranking, it can help in increasing your ranks.

The heading serves as the guide for the users to know what they should expect from the section. This is why it is important to put keywords in the heading. Apart from the main keywords, you can also use relevant keywords.

This will add emphasis to the relevance of the article to your niche. However, it is important that the keyword placement of the heading is done in a natural manner. You can also choose to add the keywords in the subsection heading as well.

D. Start Writing Content

After researching the keywords and writing the other major part of your content, it is time to get into writing the actual content of your page. It is important to create a plan before writing the content. You must be sure that you will create a draft of your content in order to determine the flow of your work.

This will allow your content to be concise and coherent. The coherence of your content is very important since it will make it easy for the users to read it. It is important that you have an introduction that catches the eyes of your readers. A good introduction will ensure that the readers will be able to stay longer on your page, which will also improve the ranking of your page in major search engines.

It is also important to pay attention to the body of the article. This portion should be able to answer the questions that your readers may have regarding the topic that you are talking about. Your content should be able to provide benefits to the user since it will be able to display the relevance of the content to your niche and your chosen topic. In turn, this can lead to an increased traffic to your page.

In order to wrap up the content well, it is vital to write a summary of what was discussed in the conclusion section of the article. It is just as important to pay attention to the end part of your content. You can even put in a link to your homepage as you are wrapping up the article. When writing your content, you must pay attention to the introduction, the body, and the conclusion of the page. This will help you in creating a well-structured and SEO-friendly content.

E. Insert Keywords on Content Naturally

It is important to write content that sounds natural. First of all, your readers would want to hear from a credible writer and not a robot. When your keywords are placed in an unnatural manner, it will make it harder for the readers to believe that you are knowledgeable on the topic that you are writing. On top of that, Google will also have a hunch that you are only writing the content for SEO results and not to provide value to your content.

When writing content, we have one important tip: “It is important that your article is not just grammatically correct, but it is also extremely vital that your article contains informative and valuable content for the users. When your content is unique, your followers will become interested. This will allow them to stay longer on your page since they will be reading each point on your written post.”

In order to find out more about writing your content, you can refer to this article: Tips for SEO Content Writing

F. Do Internal Linking

As we have stated in another article, “Internal linking is creating content with a link that is directed to the other pages on the same website. Internal links will just give Google an idea on which sites are more valuable to help them create a ranking of the pages on your site. When you have more links, the higher value will be placed on your site.

Internal links to another article on your page will help Google determine the most important articles on your page. When you want the most important page of your website to stand out, you can use internal links. This is why it is important to put in an internal link to your homepage. However, it is also important to put in backlinks on your page since it can help increase your ranking on Google.

Leave Space for Interaction with Readers

The comment section of any article is very important if you wish to rank higher on major search engines. This section will be able to encourage your readers to interact with the page administrator and it can serve as a sign that your page is helpful to the users.

When readers visit the comment section of your page, it will also be able to drive higher traffic to your page. If your page has a higher traffic and number of visitors, the higher the chance of making your content rank with major search engines.

It is also important to leave comments on the blog of other websites. However, Dummies.com has left a word of warning against leaving comments with just selfish interests in mind. Dummies.com says, Be sure to always comment sincerely when visiting other blogs with the hopes of building readership. Hopping from blog to blog leaving comments with links back to your site is considered spamming and may get your comments tossed in the trash!” (http://www.dummies.com/social-media/blogging/the-importance-of-comments-in-blogs/)

Common Mistakes that Prevent your Page from Ranking High in Google

There are several mistakes that writers commit when creating SEO content. Most of these mistakes are related to content, keywords, and page links. In order to prevent these mistakes, you can refer to the section below.

Forced Keywords

When writing SEO-friendly content, it is important to use your main keywords wisely. It is important not to overuse them or place them in an unnatural manner. The high density of keywords can become more detrimental to your page instead of being beneficial. If your keywords

When you create content that includes forced keywords, the Google Algorithm will be able to detect that you are only adding keywords for ranking. It is important to create content that will be relevant and beneficial to the readers.

Irrelevant Links

Internal Links and Backlinks are important when you want to rank high in Google. However, you should put more thought when using these links. When the link is not relevant to the content, it will not help your site to rank higher.

If you want the links to help your page rank high in Google, it is best to find pages that are relevant to the content. When the page is irrelevant, it will not work in your favor, but it will end up having a negative impact on your ranking.

Lacking Patience when Waiting for SEO Results

As we have stated in a previous article, the greatest mistake that you can commit as an SEO newbie is lacking patience when waiting for SEO results. This concept is explained briefly in this manner:

“A common mistake in the business is giving up when they do not see results immediately. Since SEO results take time, you need to be patient before you see results. It is important to not quit even if you do not see the results that you wish to have. You may be able to see SEO results at around three months, but there are times when you will see the results after six months.” 

If you wish to find out more about the common mistakes that SEO newbies commit, you can refer to this article: Top 10 Common Mistakes of SEO Newbies

When it comes to making your content rank, grammar and thoughts are not the only factors to consider. It is important to create a content that will be able to answer the questions that your readers have. Moreover, it is also vital that you are able to create a content that is SEO-friendly.

When it comes to creating content that ranks high in Google, SEO Miami will be able to help you. We may be able to help you if you just give us a call or send us a message. With our years in the SEO business and our reliable reputation, we can help you improve your business.


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