Different Types of Paid Advertising

Paid advertising for major search engines can be a scary idea for some people. However, if you view it as a form of investment, you will be able to see the importance of using paid advertising for your SEO. There are several benefits to using paid advertising and one of them is immediate visibility and there different types of paid advertising that can help you reach your goal.

When you control your use of these strategies, you can minimize your cost while still gaining immediate results. It is important to become well-informed of the strategies that can help you gain leverage against your competitors. If you wish to know more about paid advertising and its benefits, you can refer to the article below.

What is Paid Advertising?

Paid advertising is a marketing campaign that you need to pay for. Similar to advertisements on TV or on billboards, paid online advertisements will allow you to pay for a premium spot online. Paid advertising is important for those that want to rank high in major search engines since it puts you on the top immediately.

When you do SEO marketing, you would know that it would take some time before you see results. If you want to see results immediately, you can opt to get paid advertising. The fact that users will see your page immediately, it is easier for them to click the link. Most companies account for online paid advertising as part of their advertising costs.

Due to the increase in visibility of your page, the traffic to your page will also be higher. There are different forms of paid advertising on the market today. Due to the different forms of paid marketing, it is easy to customize your marketing strategy based on the needs of your company. With several types of paid marketing to choose from, one can feel confused about the right brand of advertising to use.

Different Types of Paid Advertising

A. Search Engine Marketing

When it comes to SEO Marketing, the results are measured based on how high you rank for your keyword.  Creating content and doing other SEO practices are the standard way to rank high for Google. However, there is a simpler way to rank high in Google and that is to pay for a spot in the most visible parts of Google.

Once the user chooses the keyword that will be advertised, your page will rank on top every time someone makes a search for that keyword. It is important to choose keywords that have low competition but are highly profitable. With this type of keyword, it is easier to rank higher organically. It is important that you have done keyword research before investing in any form of Search Engine Marketing.

There are different types of Search Engine Marketing like PPC, CPC, and CPM. The difference between the three is described in this manner: PPC refers to Pay Per Click. CPC refers to Cost Per Click. CPM stands for Cost Per Mille. PPC and CPC are the same. In the CPC type of advertising model, advertisers only pay when their advertisement is clicked, irrespective of the number of times it is displayed. On the other hand, in CPM or Cost per Mille, an advertiser pays for the number of times an advertisement is displayed. In this type of model, it does not matter whether the advertisement is clicked or not.” (http://www.differencebetween.info/difference-between-ppc-cpc-and-cpm)

The Importance of the Right Keywords in Search Engine Marketing

The first step in doing SEM is finding the right keywords. We have previously stressed the importance of finding the right keywords to invest on. Some of the tips that we can give you are:

It should be a keyword that has not been used frequently but is still a profitable keyword. The keyword that you pick must have low competition and high profit to ensure better results. Apart from your main keyword, it is important to find out about other related keywords that you can use. This can also help improve your ranking as the use of keywords is one major ranking factor. While the related keywords are not your main keywords, they are able to supplement them really well.

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B. Display Advertising

The oldest form of online advertising is similar to basic marketing since it uses visual advertisements that will be displayed on other websites. These ads are placed on premium spots in third-party websites since it increases the visibility of the display ads.

There are different forms of display advertisement available to use for marketing strategies. Some types of advertisement can come in texts, wallpapers, or popup ads. This can also come in the form of floating banners or static images. However, there are less common types of advertisements like flash ads or videos.

With this type of advertising, it is important to employ traditional marketing strategies. It is important to have a brand of advertising that comes with eye-catching visuals or message. In the age of social media, it is important that you are able to get creative but still manage to stick to the basics of traditional marketing.

C. Social Media Advertisement

As we have previously discussed in a former article, social media is very important to increase the traffic to your page. “When your post becomes viral, the traffic to your site will also increase. However, if you want your post to become viral, you should target to improve your social media marketing. We all know that when a reader enjoys your article, they will share it on their social media page like Facebook and Twitter.

While there is no exact formula on how to make a viral post, it starts with simply having an interesting content that will attract the users. If your article is creative and valuable, you will be able to garner more social media shares. This is why it is important to create a responsive page. This is because it will allow your readers to share the content easily even when they are on their mobile phone.

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However, there are also other forms of social media advertisement that allow companies to increase the traffic to their page. One form of social media advertising is buying a space for display advertisements to your page.

Four Benefits of Paid Advertising

Paid advertising would require you to shell out some money. In turn, you would want to convert these expenses to income. When you use paid advertising to market your website, there are more benefits than just income conversion. The best part about this is that you are able to get results quicker than when you are doing the traditional way. While the benefits that we will discuss are the major benefits of paid advertising, there are still other benefits to paid advertising.

a. Instant Visible Results

When it comes to doing SEO, the most common question that people ask is, “How Long Does it Take Before You See SEO Results?” This is a question that we have answered in this article. However, to provide you with a recap, it says that: “It is true that there is no definite answer to this question. Typically, the clients of SEO Miami would normally need three to four months before they see that their website starts ranking with major search engines. Ranking in major search engines is not the only sign that you should look for when you are looking for SEO results. However, SEO results will grow over time.

You may start seeing results within three months, but the results will gradually improve as your page ages. Once you see SEO results, the only way is up. However, you still need to be consistent when it comes to doing SEO because once the SEO stops, the increase in traffic will also slow down.”

However, when you opt to use paid advertising, the results will be quicker since you are paying to get a space in a premium spot. The fact that you can use paid advertising to advance your marketing strategy is beneficial for companies that wish to increase their visibility with their users. Due to the increase in visibility, the traffic on your page will also rise up in an instant.

b. Easier to Analyze the Results

When it comes to paid advertising, it is easy to track results since you will be base it on the increase in the traffic leading to your page. Since the inflow of visitors will lead to increase in income, it is easy to determine the result of paid advertising. When you use paid advertising on different keywords, you would know the keywords that are most profitable for your niche.

Since you opt to spend on profitable keywords, you would know if what you are investing in provides a high rate of return on your investment. If the keyword that you are paying for is not profitable, you can opt to do away from paying for these keywords. However, you can continue paying for keywords that lead to more profit.

c. Increase in Site Traffic

As we have frequently mentioned in this article, paid online advertisements will help in increasing the visibility of your website. Due to the increase in online visibility, it is easier to understand why your page will get an increase in traffic due to the inflow of site visitors.

Similar to real-life, people enjoy any form of convenience. This is why those who are on top of the Google search always gets a chance at a better site traffic. If you are on top of Google, readers would assume that your page contains relevant content to their search. There are also people that only look at Google’s first page when making a query.

As a popular meme goes, “If the answer is not on the first page of Google, the answer does not exist.” Being on the first page of Google provides you with a cutting edge from your competitors and it provides a greater advantage for the page owner.

d. Easy Control of Expense and Schedule

Others may think that paid advertising will cost them a lot of money. However, it is important to control your spending. Most types of paid advertising will allow you to have control over the expenses that you will incur.

You are able to choose the pages where you would want to advertise on. Moreover, for Search Engine Marketing, you can set a limit as to how much you want to spend on a campaign. If you feel like the campaign is not doing you any help, you can choose to stop investing in this campaign. Moreover, if you feel like you have reached the pinnacle of success for your chosen keyword, you can set the limit for your project.

When it comes to SEO, you would know that there are peak hours for certain campaign. If you wish to maximize the results of your campaign, you can opt to pay-per-click during a certain time of a particular day. In addition to this, when you know how to control your expenses and use your schedule to your advantage, you are able to maximize the result of your paid advertising campaign.


Paid advertising comes with immense benefits. As we have discussed above, the rewards of paid advertising are able to outweigh the cost. We all know that SEO takes a lot of time, but paid advertising will help you in getting results instantly. If you just control your use of pay-per-click strategies, you will be able to get ahead on your own terms.

With SEO Miami’s years in the business, we know how to use paid advertising to your advantage. If you need any help on your SEO marketing strategy, you can give us a call or send us an e-mail. With our help, we can put your business on the map.

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